Fika's Philosophy

[Fee-kah] is Swedish for
‘A moment to slow down and appreciate the good things in life’

A Fika garden is especially designed to calm the mind, with details & planting that spark your imagination. Fika will inspire you to connect with nature in your own surroundings through design, workshops & courses.

Relax, slow down and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Private Gardens

Do you dream of a well-balanced garden with both open & intimate spaces, characterised by a planting plan that invites you to relax and see nature thrive in your garden? Then you might want a Fika garden design.

Get inspired by a small selection of private gardens and roofgardens designed by Fika.

Public spaces

Fika believes that gardens are the perfect space for connection, with yourself and with communities.

Through creative design of public spaces and assisting in festival gardens, Fika also connects communities. If you have a fun idea for collaboration, feel free to get in touch!


Get connected with nature!

This year Fika has three online courses in mind for you. Click on the image to find out more.

Nature walks on request, depending on my location. Get in touch for more information.

All workshops will be available in Dutch and English.

Online Course +
1:1 Coaching

3 Sessions I To be announced
- in Dutch or English -

Online Workshop + 1:1 Coaching

1 Session I To be announced
- in Dutch or English -

Online Course +
1:1 Coaching

3 Sessions I To be announced
- in Dutch or English -

Guided Foraging Group Hike

- on request -
- in Dutch or English -

Farhana Rasheed

Travelling garden designer

Born and raised in The Hague, The Netherlands

Growing up in the city I wasn’t fully aware of plants and trees or their importance. It has been a decade since my eyes opened to the beauty of nature and now I’m passionate about connecting you to it’s wonders.

As a travelling designer I spend my days observing nature, spaces & cultures. That is how I get inspired and get creative in my work. No matter where in the world, in a garden surrounded by plants and wildlife, I feel at home. I hope I can help you feel the same.