Travelbase organises active holidays for Dutch people all around the world. For their camp ‘Nordic Woods’ in Sweden, located on the edge of the wilderness near the Åsnen National Park in Southern Sweden, they asked Fika to design and realise an upgrade of the campsite. Together with the team Fika created a ‘Bee Garden’. This garden was challenging in the fact that the volunteers had no former experience in gardening plus there was a very low budget. So I needed to come up with creative solutions!

Fika made a design mimicking the natural landscape; hills of berries and rocks surrounding the pine trees native to this place. Respectful collection of evergreen wild berries (three species) combined with a seedmix of flowers form the planting plan, attractive for bees. The edging of the plant islands is done by using ‘leftover’ stones and wood from the builders team.

Design: Fika

Execution: Fika x Travelbase team